The United States Has Already Won This Trade War with 中国


可口可乐产品在北京一家超市的架子上。图片来源:张鹏/ LightRocket,通过盖蒂图片社


These food products lead to obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. They are everywhere in 中国. We are talking about junk food and sugary soft drinks.

中国 had chronic food shortages. It only took a few decades for the Chinese people to get an ample supply of Western food. Now they have soaring obesity and chronic diseases. The cause of these problems is bad diets. Today, more than 42 percent of adults in 中国 are overweight or obese. That is more than double the rate in 1991. About one out five children In Chinese cities is obese.

Years ago, American food companies looked at 中国. They saw a great future market. They began to work with the Chinese government.

多年后,中国食品工业 确保 junk food products are for sale. 中国 does not have groups fighting for good public health ideas.

There are Chinese health campaigns that call for exercise and moderation. But, the campaigns do not stress the need to cut back on the high-calorie junk foods and sugary beverages. These products are everywhere in 中国.

中国’s “健身是最好的消息。”这些信息来自可口可乐和其他西方食品和饮料巨头。最新研究表明,西方食品公司会影响中国的科学和食品政策。这些政策导致饮食不良导致肥胖和疾病。结果包括2型糖尿病和高血压。调查结果显示了可口可乐和其他全球食品公司所做努力的影响。

这些公司使用称为 国际生命科学研究所 (ILSI)。 ILSI是一个全球性组织。它的总部位于华盛顿特区。许多休闲食品领域的大腕,例如雀巢,麦当劳,百事可乐,可口可乐和百胜餐饮!品牌为ILSI提供资金。

ILSI有17个分支机构。大多数分支机构位于墨西哥,印度,南非和巴西等国家/地区。 ISLI组织表示,这是科学家,政府官员和食品公司之间的桥梁。

ILSI in 中国 is well-placed. It runs its operations from inside the government. ILSI food giants work with Chinese officials. One goal seems to be to not regulate food or tax soda.

But 中国 also leads the world in smoking.

资料来源:《纽约时报》 一月9,2019